Totally Kids /
The Bean Bag Store


Totally Kids / The Bean Bag Store

UI / UX design + website design created while at Windmill Design.


Evolve their business into a complete Ecommerce engine, in which users can easily purchase on their own online, versus having to call in to place an order with a customer service rep. 


Totally Kids was starting from scratch, which meant we had no database to work with for their over 5,000+ products. We worked closely with their team and our development team to determine what the best format for this complex information would be and how to best gather this and provide it to our team in a useable format. Furniture is also a very complex ordering process - as most of this high-end children's furniture was customizable. Knobs could be chosen, finished could be selected, and different configurations of bed sizes were available. This added to the complexity of an already large system, although we were able to architect a solution that not only worked for our developers, but felt like a simple, pain-free process as a user.